edc3“I love working with Allie. Her connections in this city are widespread, incredibly strong – and authentic. She’s also super focused on the food/beverage scene, giving her the ability to have one of the most effective ‘reaches’ in Charlotte. Allie is easy to work with and it is clear she loves what she does!” – Jamie Brown, Co-Owner of Haberdish, Crepe Cellar, and Growler’s Pourhouse



ROOTS“I get so excited when my client releases a new menu or food offering because it means that one of the FIRST things I get to do is reach out to Allie! Making sure she is one of the first to come in, spend time with us, sample whatever is new, and then review it or share with her followers is really important to me as a marketer here in Charlotte. I not only trust her judgement and her opinions, but also I respect her social equity in the QC. Thousands read, respect, and trust her thoughts on food; establishing that kind of relationship with an audience is tough to do, and she’s mastered it.”  – Meg Seitz, Founder and Managing Creative Partner at toth shop