📸 Jessica of Sweet Seoul Media

Hey y’all! I’m Allie, creator of @eatdrinkclt. As you can tell, I loooove to eat. My Instagram began when I moved to Charlotte in November 2014. I’ve always loved food (and snapping photos of it) and was immediately excited about the food scene in CLT. Instead of blowing up my personal Insta with food photos, I thought… why not make a dedicated page?

From there, things moved pretty fast. I quickly realized how much everyone around me loved food, too, and I wanted to be a resource for those looking for their next meal. It became my mission to try as many places as possible and spread the love to all types of restaurants in the city (as you may notice, I love ALL kinds of food).

Whether you’re looking for a juicy burger, a perfect pizza, or a plate of sushi, I’m here to help. And if you’re a restaurant owner and want me to stop by – let’s talk!



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  1. We’d love to invite you to a pre-grand opening event for Chuy’s, opening at Waverly in about a month. Email me at anna(at)mckeemanpr(dot)com and we’ll shoot an invitation over 🙂


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