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Here’s a Bunch of Stuff I’ve Eaten Lately

Hello. I could write out a long apology about how I never update this thing, but let’s be serious… it’s gonna happen again.

And that’s okay! You can always find me over on Instagram updating daily.

I don’t have anything cool to say, so here’s a gallery of some of the tasty things I’ve been eating the past three months (in no particular order.) Thanks to Chrissie for the inspiration!

Mint Fettuccine with lamb bolognese from Flour Shop. Wow, this was so good. It took me wayyy too long to visit this Italian spot behind Park Road Shopping Center. So glad I enjoyed it for the first time with my friends Jess and Julia!
Bougie Palmer from Bulla Gastrobar. Tito’s, lemon, lavender and peach syrup, oolong tea. This was gone in 60 seconds because it’s delish.
Greek Nachos from Greystone Pub. This long-time bar has been around since 1947 and serves great Greek-inspired dishes. Feta and kalamata olives on everything, plz!!!
Acai bowl from Frutta Bowls. Gorgeous, delicious, AND healthy! I tried these bowls for the first time thanks to Jess and will def be back soon. Find them at The Metropolitan next to Omaggio.
The 13th from Lincoln’s Haberdashery. I had not been back here since they opened (MAJOR SHAME on me) but knew exactly what I was gonna order when I did. House-made mozzarella, la quercia prosciutto, fresh basil, EVOO. On homemade bread. Sigh.
Cheese Corn from Let’s Meat. Another first for me (again, what is wrong with me for waiting so long…) and I loved it. Super fun experience and tasty food. This cheese corn is everything everyone says it is.
Custard from Abbott’s. Folks from up north may be familiar with this custard shop and are probably thrilled they’ve opened in CLT/Concord. Because it’s excellent! Also, the owner went to the University of South Carolina, so GO COCKS.
Chicken Teriyaki Bowl from Teriyaki Madness. Another one I’d been wanting to try. I love any bowl full of Asian flavors! This was the “regular” portion which was still SO much food at a great price. The pot stickers were solid, too.
Fresh tuna from YUME. So thrilled this spot moved from Matthews to Charlotte (I visited their old location and wrote about it!) Thanks to Jess (again, what a rock star) I tried lots of great dishes and watched the team butcher an 80 pound big eye tuna. Marvelous.
Frozen Butterbeer from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Obviously not in Charlotte, but this was a VERY IMPORTANT thing I had recently. Dreams do come true!!!
STP Dipper from Groucho’s. Speaking of dreams coming true… THIS. Groucho’s Park Road finally opened, and life made sense again. Don’t even get me started on my love story with Groucho’s.
Pumpkin Pizza from Inizio. As you all know, Inizio is my favorite pizza in CLT, and I love that they do seasonal options. This crowd fave returned after its debut last fall. So good dipped in that marinara.
Craft cocktails from Dilworth Tasting Room. My roomies and I sipped on these as we tried new items off the fall menu. Their courtyard/patio is just the best.
Scallops from Oak Steakhouse. I freaking love this place. Awesome food and incredible service.
Banana Pancakes from Siggy’s Good Food. Siggy moved her restaurant from NY to CLT. Her whole menu is organic and sustainable which made me feel good eating there. And these banana pancakes were dope.
Crispy Cauliflower from Firebirds. Honestly, why don’t I go here more?! The food is always on point. And I love what people do with cauliflower these days.
Lobster Grilled Cheese from Cousins Maine Lobster. I finally tried this food truck! People went nuts when I posted this cheesy sandwich. Probably because it is two of life’s greatest indulgences in one. Four if you count the butter and bread. I had this at Sycamore, but check Cousins’ website for their schedule!

Hope you enjoyed this small taste of I’ve been grubbing on. More next time!




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