Charlotte Restaurants

Amelie’s is now serving the “unicorn macaron” for a limited time

Amelie’s superfans – have y’all tried their spring seasonal macaron?!

The Barbe À Papa Macaron (also know as the cotton candy macaron or unicorn macaron) consists of pink-and-blue-swirled cookie shells filled with French cotton candy buttercream. The color can vary as you’ll see in my bright batch (see the more common variation here.)


Given that Amelie’s sells between 500-600 macarons on any given Saturday at the Park Road location ALONE, I think this one will be a huge hit.

“When we started playing around with the flavors and ingredients for the spring menu, we knew we wanted to create something whimsical, fun and unexpected,” said Mary Jayne Wilson, executive chef at Amelie’s. “We feel like we did just that with the barbe à papa macaron.”


The colorful macarons cost $2.29 each (before tax) and can be found at all Amelie’s locations for a limited time.

Did I mention they taste great? Nice and sweet. Big fan of the cotton candy buttercream.

Get your camera ready!



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