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What it’s like to drink Lenny Boy Kombucha for 30 days straight

Raise your hand if you’re on the kombucha train. 🙋‍♀️

If you’re not quite sure what it is, here’s the best explanation I know: fermented tea. It has been known to improve overall gut health and contains probiotics and B vitamins (for increased energy).

I actually take a probiotic capsule every day. So when I met with the folks at Lenny Boy about their Kombucha Challenge, I  felt like it would be a great fit.


All January long, Lenny Boy offered 3 cases (36 bottles) of their locally brewed kombucha for just $75. The goal was for purchasers to drink one bottle a day for 30 days straight. I don’t go for fizzy drinks often, but it’s a great replacement for those trying to cut down on the soda.

In lieu of daily probiotic, I drank one Lenny Boy kombucha for 30 days starting January 4. Okay, I accidentally skipped one Sunday about two weeks in. But I forgave myself.


For the first few weeks, I could tell the kombucha was a solid replacement for the probiotic. No stomach pains or any issues. But around the time I skipped a day of booch, I started feeling those same ol’ pains. At first I thought, hey, maybe it’s because I forgot to drink one yesterday! But they stuck around even after continuing the challenge. They came and went, per usual, but I was selfishly sad that I hadn’t found “the cure” (an obviously unrealistic expectation).*

Overall, I learned that I really do like this stuff and could easily incorporate it into my life several times a week. Plus, Lenny Boy has lots of fun flavors, so you don’t get bored of drinking the same over and over.

I drank most of them at my desk.

Do I think it was beneficial? Absolutely. Even my daily probiotic pill does not ward off potential issues every day. And the extra incentive of kombucha over probiotics is the energy boost. Hello, green tea!


Side note: if you didn’t know, you can grab a pint of Lenny Boy Kombucha on tap at their brewery on S. Tryon Street. They even recommend mixing it with their beer. Trust me – it’s REALLY good!

So what next? I’ll continue to drink the booch and look forward to whatever new flavor Lenny Boy creates next. I hear they have some cool news on the horizon… stay tuned!

*(Reminder: Err’body is different. Results may vary.)


This post was created in collaboration with Lenny Boy Brewing Company. All opinions are my own.


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