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Testing My New Camera at Kid Cashew

Hi 👋 Happy 2018!

Needless to say I’ve slacked on the blog, but hopefully you’ve been following along on the Instagram.

I wanted to start the year off by posting a few photos taken on my NEW camera! My first DSLR, actually: a Canon Rebel T6. I’m so dang excited about this thing.

I grew up rotating between several point-and-shoots, but this is my first true, “big girl” camera. I know basic functions, but I’m hoping to learn a lot more at the photography basics SkillPop class I’m taking next weekend.

Since I’m still a bit shy with my Canon, I haven’t taken it on many food adventures (plus, the iPhone is just too, too convenient.) But I did recently use it at Kid Cashew where I shot (and then devoured) some delicious items.

KC is one of my favorite spots in Charlotte. As y’all know, I’m a sucker for Mediterranean, so that’s a huge draw. They also strongly encourage sharing dishes family-style, which is my fave way to eat.

Take a look!

Big Mac Daddy
Brussels Sprouts
Shrimp (on grits!)
Flame-Grilled Domestic Lamb Burger
Wood-Fire Grilled Spanish Octupus
The Greek Salad

Like what ya see? Shoot me an email at 🙂

Big thanks to Kid Cashew for the beautiful subjects!

Kid Cashew is located at 1608 East Blvd and is open Mon – Thurs (11AM-10PM); Fri – Sat (11AM – 11PM); Sun (11AM – 9PM).


5 thoughts on “Testing My New Camera at Kid Cashew

  1. Feeling so royal to be the opening restaurant for your blog!
    Speaking for Kid Cashew, we appreciate every-time you come into the restaurant, I personally love looking at your @eatdrinkclt feed, helps me decide where to eat in this fast growing city, not to mention how great you highlight Kid Cashew!

    So far your blog is looking like the #GOAT 😉 Good luck with your skill pop class! Stay creative #eatdrinkclt meets #kidcashew

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