Charlotte Restaurants

A Taste of #EvokeFall

At the start of 2016, I feasted at Evoke and wrote a blog to give y’all the delicious details. So I was super pumped to be invited there this month to try items from the new fall menu.


After sipping on Moscow mules, a group of us sat down in Evoke’s private dining room, and the goodness began. Our first treat was toasted bread with olive oil and a white pesto spread, which I’d never had. Big fan.

And on to dinner…

(Photos by me; descriptions by Evoke.)

Duck Confit: frisee (the green stuff), persimmon, brioche croutons, pomegranate reduction. Nice and light. The croutons were killer.
Marinated Baby Beets: kale, blood orange, pickled fennel, almonds, ricotta salata. Red and golden beets are hiding under that kale…I promise.
Garganelli: brussels sprouts, smoke pancetta, calamansi lemon. I’m quickly learning that garganelli is amazing just about everywhere I try it (especially with pancetta.)
Scallops: butternut squash, parsnip, crispy sprouts, apple, brown butter vinaigrette. Probably my favorite dish of the night.
Duck Breast: farrotto (farro cooked like risotto), swiss chard, chanterelles (mushrooms), huckleberry agrodolce. I’m not always the biggest duck breast fan, but this was delicious. Very mild but still flavorful.
Gingerbread Cake: Riesling poached pear, toffee sauce, vanilla bean gelato. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

Another fantastic dinner at one of Charlotte’s best. Head in soon to get your #EvokeFall on, and don’t forget to take in the view at the top of Le Méridien at City Lights Rooftop Bar.

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