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New Items on Ilios Noche’s Fall Menu

Took a little hiatus – sorry y’all, too busy eating!

I’m back to talk about a place I talk about A LOT: Ilios Noche ❤

The first time I ate here last actually last fall for a menu tasting. And now it’s one of my favorite spots. Per usual, they added a few goodies to the menu this season but also revamped their actual menu design (and I love the new look.)

See what I tasted and what I thought about it all:

Truffle Mushroom Arancini: wild mushrooms, marinara, parmigiano. Basically a FRIED RICE BALL. The mushrooms are a new addition to their take on arancini, and I’m obsessed. Could totally eat 12 of these.
Salt Cod Fritters: with skordalia (garlic lemon dip.) These had a littleee too much potato for me (it made them dense), but they were definitely fried to perfection. And the dip was great.
Just an artsy table picture, featuring the Queen City Affair and Smokey in the Rye.
Local NC Trout: with greek potatoes, arugula, red onion, aged balsamic. Very mild fish with a nice crisp on the outside. The arugula and potato combo was killer.
Grilled Skirt Steak: marinated hanger, caramelized onion, tomato, arugula-fennel salad, aged balsamic. Super tender juicy. I could eat the tomato mixture with a spoon…

There you have it. My faves are the arancini and the steak ❤ ❤ They also have a new side dish (lentil salad) and kale salad with roasted beets, pistachio, goat cheese, and honey sumac. Guess I’ll be going back reeeal soon!

This post was created after a complimentary meal from Ilios Noche. All opinions are my own.


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