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Fresh produce delivery? Sign me up.

Believe it or not, I don’t eat out for every single meal. And when I do cook, I try to incorporate veggies in some form. I call it “trying to be healthy.”

Luckily, I do love vegetables. But there are so many options that it’s sometimes hard to choose. I often find myself repeating the same ones (mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini) because I actually know how to cook them without Googling.


But alas, I’ve discovered a super cool program called The Produce Box that not only delivers fresh, lcoal produce right to my door but also includes LOTS of storing, prepping, and cooking advice. Just what I need!

This company has really thought through it all. They have different boxes and pricing based on several needs. Love vegetables? Prefer fruit? Live alone? Buying for the fam? There’s an option for every type of household.

The Harvest Box

I chose the Harvest Box as my first order, which included: a head of kale, two cartons of strawberries, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, three sweet potoatoes, a cucumber, and beets. It actually included romaine lettuce instead of beets, but you can substitute items for other things in stock (a small fee applies per item.)

I was a bit overwhelmed when I received my box because I never buy that much produce at once, but I honestly had a lot of fun experimenting with it. I made tons of strawberry smoothies, roasted cubed sweet potatoes and sliced onions, added the cucumber and tomatoes to my salads, and roasted a pan of beets. I gave the kale to a friend. 🙂

Roasted beets ❤

The Produce Box is a subscription that continues each week, but if you know you’ll be out of town or have too many restaurant plans (me), you can skip the next week with no fee. Very convenient.

And the best part: your box includes instructions on how to store your items and how soon post-delivery you should eat them. AND lots of cooking ideas. This all makes the process so user-friendly and perfect for clueless cooks like me.

Roasted sweet poatoes and onions (with grilled chicken and cauliflower rice. That’s extra marinade on the chicken, not grease… I swear!)

Head over to The Produce Box’s website for even more details on this fun way to stock up on fresh foods. Let me know what you think!

This post was created after receiving a complimentary box from The Produce Box. All opinions are my own.



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