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The World’s 1st Kronut Truck

I remember the moment I discovered Cafe Ganache’s Instagram account. I was thrown off by the username (@sugarrmann) and definitely referred to them as “that Sugar Man bakery” several times before getting it right. I later found out that Cafe Ganache (not “that Sugar Man bakery”) was located in a little kiosk in South Mark Pall outside the Lilly Pulitzer store.


Regardless, upon discovery, I was mesmerized by their confectionary genius. The goodies looked incredible, and I knew they were on to something great. So it’s no surprise to find out they’re planning to open the world’s first kronut food truck, right here in Charlotte.

A few weeks ago, I attended a kronut pairing/tasting to raise awareness for the new truck. Starting a mobile eatery is incredibly expensive, and Cafe Ganache is looking to you for help. The products alone are strong enough reason to support this business, but the passion behind the scenes is the true drive here.

Example A: During the first few months of running the kiosk, owner and chef Sadruddin Abdullah and his wife were in the kitchen by 1:00 AM each day to prep and bake. Now that they’ve found their groove, the time has pushed back to casual 3:oo or 4:oo AM. Still crazy. Still amazing.


The master kronut-maker and his family are on to new adventures now, and you can contribute to the world’s first kronut truck by visiting their GoFundMe page. They hope to be up and running by mid-May 2016.

While we wait, please observe these amazing kronuts and the paired beverages. Yum.

Cinnamon sugar kronut, paired with sipping chocolate topped with salt. Drool.
Apple-stuffed kronut, topped with a ganache made from D9 Brewery’s Oatmeal Cookie Brown Ale. A concentrated version of this beer is also in the kronut.
Bailey’s-filled kronut, topped with a dark chocolate ganache, paired with (you guessed it) a shot of Bailey’s.

Trust me, these things are life-changing. Head over to the mall this weekend to try one for yourself. (Click here to support the chef and his truck!)

This post was created after a complimentary tasting from The Kronut Food Truck. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Really good job, Allie.,you are on the way to something b. I. g. So proud of you writing. Love you, Ma

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