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Inizio Pizza Brings Authenticity to CLT

A beautiful new pizzeria opened last week. And it is just amazing.


Inizio Pizza Napoletana has brought true neapolitan-style pizza to Charlotte. The utmost love and care is put into these pizzas, from the fresh ingredients to the homemade dough to the way they’re baked.

I had the pleasure of trying Inizio a few days before its opening. Unfortunately, I missed the beginning of the event, where owner Grant taught a hands-on dough-making class. But I did arrive just in time for the tasting.


The coolest thing about this pizza is that its cooked in a wood-fired oven for only 90 seconds (yes this is a real thing). The result is a delicious, authentic pie with potentially the best crust I’ve ever tried. Incredible.

Support the warm, passionate team at Inizio Pizza at 10620 Providence Road next time you’re craving the ‘za. (P.S. They have gelato from Italy so you know it’s real.)

Take a look around…







This post was created after a complimentary meal from Inizio Pizzeria. All opinions are my own.


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