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I have one too many “nice” restaurants on my bucket list. It’s pretty unrealistic and will probably take me years to visit them all, but I’m determined. So when my roomie came home with a $100 gift card to Evoke and asked me to help her use it, I was like, YUP. (Like she had a choice…)

Evoke is located in the beautiful lobby of Le Méridien, a hotel that rests on the edge of Uptown. The steaks and entrees are pricey for an average night out, but the apps, crudos, sides, and pastas are actually quite affordable. And when you have a hundo to spend, you know things are gonna get good.

As my good friends Tom and Donna once said…

Treat yo’self.

(Descriptions courtesy of the Evoke website; photos by me, of course.)

Parisian Mule (vodka, fresh lime juice, ginger beer) & Bourbon Fizz (bourbon, honey syrup, fresh lime juice, green apple, sparkling wine)
Frisee Salad: Baby arugula, lardons, pears, poached egg, cracked black pepper
Salmon Crudo: Honeycrisp apple, jalapeño, crispy ginger, chive
Peruvian Ceviche: Habanero, cilantro, sweet potato chips, red onion, lime juice
Gnocchi: Smoke pancetta, jumbo lump crab, bottarga
Truffle Pomme Frites
Brussel Sprouts + Pancetta // Seared Wild Mushrooms

Take me backkkk. Anyone got a gift card they wanna burn? 🙂


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