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Greek Goodness – On Wheels!

When I first heard Charlotte had a Greek food truck, I felt pretty pumped. Greek food? Out of a food truck? Sounds like a dream come true!

And when Gyro Twins starting showing up in Ballantyne during the week, I knew I was in for a treat.

My first visit to this glorious truck occurred about a month and a half ago. We drove across the corporate park to Premier to get our first taste, and we were not disappointed.


Naturally, I ordered the gyro with a side of orzo salad (a daily special). The fresh pita was stuffed with seasoned, flavorful lamb and topped with tzatziki and tomatoes. Finding the perfect gyro is a tough task, but this is easily one of my favorites!

A few weeks later, Gyro Twins suddenly appeared outside my office, and I discovered that they’d be parked there every Monday (waiting for me, of course). So I had to celebrate by trying something else! This time I had the Greek salad with chicken, which was topped with a tangy dressing and delicious feta. It came with a side of pita which perfectly completed the meal.


The fact that Gyro Twins will be parked outside my office once a week is a blessing and a curse. But mostly just a blessing because I’m trying to order everything ASAP. Check these guys out next time you see them. They’re super friendly, and their food is super amazing!

P.S. I recently became a community leader for the @bestfoodcharlotte MyFab5 account! Haven’t posted yet, but stay tuned 🙂


One thought on “Greek Goodness – On Wheels!

  1. Once again, a gem! Find the best Italian restaurant. Then a French. I think you are going places! Love you, Ma.


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