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Little Bit of Chicken Fried…

Knocking Charlotte restaurants off my bucket list is my favorite hobby, and I’ve had my eye on Leroy Fox for quite a while. So after paying it a visit last night, I’m sitting here wondering WHY DID I NOT GO SOONER???

leroy 6

Leroy Fox is enticing as soon as you drive up. The rustic look with the bright blue sign gives the building a comfortable, modern feel. The appeal continues as you walk through the cozy outdoor patio into the trendy interior. The restaurant was hoppin’ for a Sunday night, so we sat inside to avoid a longer wait.

leroy 1
Street names in CLT. Clever!

Leroy Fox is known for their fried chicken, so I had my order somewhat narrowed down before I went in. But I’m DEFINITELY going back because the menu is incredible. To start, we got the Pimento Cheese and the Hot Pretzels as appetizers. The cheese was served with delicious pita bread, and the pretzel bites came with honey mustard and ranch (you can also add queso for $1). YUM.

leroy 2

My entrée consisted of the Honey Buffalo fried chicken sandwich, topped with bleu cheese and sweet green tomatoes, with a side of tomatoes and cucumbers (to try to offset the bad stuff…right??) Gotta say, I made an excellent choice. The chicken was soo flavorful and fried to perfection. The chicken sandwich comes in 6 different styles, so you know I’m going back for more.

leroy 4

For delicious southern cooking with a modern twist, check out Leroy Fox. If you can’t find 12 things on the menu you want to order, then I don’t know what to tell you, ’cause I want it all! (Also, check out their gallery for much prettier photos. Sorry bout that.)

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